(Vesna Tenodi: Dreamtime Set in Stone; Anan Press 2010.)

Dreamtime Set in StoneFOR THE HEART OF THE MIND

I dedicate this book to the Aborigines.
I dedicate it to the Aboriginal people and to the Aborigine in each of us.
And to those with different sensibilities, who wish to become immune to the aggressive noise of today's world, to change their lives and start resonating with the higher rhythm, closer to the noble, intended way of living.
Such an Aborigine in each of us is the heart of our mind, the deepest, most ancient, most original, most genuine - and the most estranged part of our own being.
The AbOriginal in each one of us is the part of our being we understand the least, neglect the most, sometimes ridicule and often abuse, ignoring its rights and denying its existence.
The part which, just like the Australian Aborigines, is in danger of dying out.