Master Ananda

The Master-of-the-next-level, Master Ananda, is a mystic, who opts for anonymity.

Working with a core group of aspirant-participants, Master Ananda provides teaching, writings and discourses on mysticism – as a method of attaining self-knowledge by recognising the impulse from the soul, and fostering that line of communication.

For the mystic, it is an imperative to cultivate the mind and nurture the intellect, even more so than it is for those who believe intellect to be an end in itself. The mystic’s priority is the Experience; Experience being the experience of the soul, which becomes accessible through the rational mind, thus illuminating daily life.

In Master Ananda’s teaching, through the central idea of the Endeavour, defined as a multiple, three-directional effort for Self, Society and the Source, we find instructions and guidelines for modern-day mystics, or aspirants, in their sustained effort towards Self-development.