Master Ido's Whirlings

Master Ido

Master Ido, martial arts Master-of-the-next-level, offered several exercises to be practised separately, on their own, or at the beginning of a training session – be it a tai chi chuan, chi kung, karate or yoga practice. They are named Whirling, Curling, Willowing, Figure 8 and the Bridging form.


This exercise is beneficial on several levels. It integrates and coordinates both the physical and the energy body – strengthening the physical and “sealing” the vital or energy body, ensuring a better flow of our sustaining energy – chi. The movements stimulate the chi-flow, while the inner rhythm quietens the mind. Mental calmness stills the violent and destructive emotional energies that always roam within us, causing cracks, flaws and gaps in our energy body, weakening it and running down our immune system. Such a weakened, leaky system, is forced to go into turbo-charge to compensate for the constant depletion of its chi. In consequence, everything wears down – body, emotions, and mental powers.

Master Ido’s Whirlings is a revitalising exercise for loosening the body and generating chi.

These are taught as an integral part of Anan-Do teaching.