Higher to lower, or vice versa?

(From Shifu Damir’s ‘Desperately Seeking Yin: Tai Chi Chuan as the Masters-of-the-next-level-see it’)

The rule of energy-flow is from above to below.

But a master first concentrates on teaching students to establish a foundation that energy can rest upon, on creating the basis – the yang.

…As we said: the Law is from the higher to the lower. But in a given reality, a given milieu, this order of things can be somewhat obstructed and remain just an empty theory, an abstract idea, something talked about, not lived by.

If this is the case, we can decide: Let’s turn it around, let’s concentrate on the mechanics of living first, let’s clarify what it means to live in accordance with the nature of the soul! Then, having learnt to live in accordance with the nature of the soul, one can then try to communicate what indeed that nature is. Not the other way around.

So, one first needs to be willing to redefine or restructure one’s life in accordance with the Masters’ teaching, which creates the basis and enables one to realise the nature of the soul. Those who just sit and wait to be told, asking: Tell me, tell me, what is the nature of the soul, I want to live by it – are unlikely to ever start living by it… Because they are not preparing the foundation to which the theory of soul’s nature can be applied.

This means that either direction-order is correct. From above downwards, or from below upwards. We do not say: It is not advisable to meditate before one is well defined in the world.

Nor do we say: It is not good to get organised in the world before one is aware of the nature of the soul. Right?

Each can be either useful or useless, depending on the individual. But in general, it does seem that unless a basis has been first created on the ‘below’ level, the from-above flow of energy remains unfeasible. Despite what the Law says. Because, instead of being absorbed, the energy gets deflected, dispersed: there is nothing the ‘from-above’ can arrive into.

Therefore, masters of skill help in creating the foundation for energies. So do instructors.

If instructors were aware of their role and its value, they would stop asking: And when am I going to achieve this or that, or become a master myself? Instead, they would realise how what they do is indispensable for our work. Such highly aware instructors are so hard to find or to train, that no matter what we try, whichever direction we attempt, from above downwards, from below upwards, from left to right, from right to left, round in a circle, or twisting or spinning or spiralling, whichever way we try – we fail (laughter).

We fail because people have such a short attention span. They can concentrate, briefly, on what they find pleasant. Like passion or love. But even then their attention soon starts wandering, so they love a little bit here, a little bit there, hopping around, looking for fulfilment. It is quite difficult to induce a true and lasting passion in them...
…And the true passion is a passion for eternity… This passion is not a fixated obsession, stunting growth and preventing “branching out”, but the true commitment which provides a foundation for all other “branching-outs”.

Those who claim they wish to “grow” but keep wandering, ostensibly seeking and yearning, all their efforts might not be in vain if only, at the right moment, there were a Master to provide some guidance.

We do not accuse or condemn people for the futility of their efforts.

On the contrary, we remind them it can all be turned around with a little bit of help from a Master, directing them back to a new beginning, saying: Just add one essential piece to whatever it is you do, that missing component which can make it all purposeful. Mistakes and omissions can be made up for.

Patience is needed. A Master keeps quiet, monitoring the student, waiting, concentrating on himself. Communicating only what is “safe” to communicate, bringing theories closer, teaching in accordance with the students level of preparation, not answering every call…