Shifu Damir Tenodi

Smucek the cat and Shifu Damir Tenodi, Sydney 2001Shifu* Damir Tenodi, a master of therapeutic and martial arts, has been teaching since 1968, starting with karate, then Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, initially in Zagreb, Croatia, and since 1983 in Sydney, Australia, through his Therapeutic and Martial Arts Centre. In 2000, he established the Anan-Do Centre in Sydney, teaching Anan-Do integrated forms. He also teaches in Zagreb on a regular basis.
After many years of studying karate, in 1980 he started practising Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Dr. Tsao De Tsong, a medical practitioner and Tai Chi master from China who spent several years in Zagreb.

On moving to Sydney, Shifu Tenodi began practising a variety of disciplines with some of the finest masters of the internal martial arts. In 1984, he began studying Chi Kung (18 Lohan Kung, Sil Lohan, Dai Lohan and Wu Chi) with Sifu Chen Yong Fa, the keeper of the Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu style, (who arrived from China and settled in Sydney in 1983) and in 1990 was made a Lohan Kung Instructor. In 1996, he passed the Examination of the Curriculum and was awarded a diploma from the Shaolin Luohan Therapeutic Qigong Centre in Sydney for 18 Luohan and Siu Lohan – Qigong Medical Exercises.
Since 1988, Shifu Tenodi has also been practising another style of Tai Chi, Chen style, and since 1991 he has been training with Sifu Chen Xiaowang, the keeper of the style, who arrived from China and settled in Sydney in 1990.
Shifu Tenodi has continued developing his study of Yang style Tai Chi practising, from 1995 to 2002, with one of the best representatives of the style, a former disciple of master Huang Sheng Shyan.
From 2000 to 2004, he has practised Hsing-I, with an excellent Taoist master of the internal martial arts.

By this continuous work with these masters of internal arts, Shifu Tenodi defined and established a framework, a structure, that formed a foundation for the next level of his work, which included integrating the forms.
This next level is inseparable from the Teachings of Master Ananda, under whose guidance since 1987 Shifu Tenodi has been formulating his Anan-Do teaching method.

* Shifu = a master’s degree, a title in Kempo or traditional karate

Shifu Tenodi visits Zagreb, Croatia, on more or less regular basis, conducting seminars for more advanced students.